About Us

Fluency Lighting Technologies, Inc. is creating next generation energy efficient lighting technologies for high-power, high-brightness industrial light sources, as well as new design strategies. Through materials design, we focus on improving energy efficiency, using environmentally safe materials, creating high color quality light resembling natural sunlight with color tuneability based on application, and lowering maintenance and replacement costs while creating a safer work environment reducing worksite accidents. Our core technology lies within our patented laser-stimulated phosphor technology. Similar to low-power energy efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs), we instead use an alternative light source — a laser diode. Lasers are brighter, delivering more light using less energy. This approach allows for the creation of high-power solid-state lighting devices, enabling flexible design strategies and enhancing the availability of energy efficient light sources in the industrial lighting sector.

Fluency Lighting Technologies, Inc. was founded based on innovations developed at UC Santa Barbara in energy efficient illumination.

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